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Welcome to Sindland Strategy: Exceeding Your Expectations

Meet the Six Shellys

You know that feeling when you need six of you to get the job done? Well, at Sindland Strategy, we know exactly how that feels because it's what we do every day. The Six Shellys work  hard day-to-day for our clients, which includes wearing several different hats. From public relations to video creation, from media relations to professional photography, we have the expertise to cover a wide range of services for you without the hassle and expense of hiring several vendors. We work with you to streamline the process and get you what you need in an effective and professional way.

We specialize public relations, media relations, photography, video production, content marketing, and creative services like: writing, blogs, emails, and graphic and website design.   We like to think outside the box and bring you creative and original content that you won't see anywhere else, and without the expense of a production house or advertising agency. Plus, we help you get your message out more quickly to your target audience.  Contact Sindland Strategy today!

What Clients Say

"Shelly's unique skill set, and contacts, helped us navigate a very difficult media environment where we were  successfully able to get our story out to the public through print, radio, television, and social media.

Check out "The Six Shellys" in  action! These videos kicked off major fundraising event for a Hartford non-profit. Grab a box of tissues. The team of Shellys showed up for this one including: video shooting, editing, script writing, voice over, photography, graphic design and more. 

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