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content marketing

connect with potential clients through authentic and meaningful content

Marketing Shelly  has several years of experience in content marketing which involves creating content to share online including videos, blogs, and social media. 

Recently, Marketing  Shelly  created a successful content marketing campaign for a large non-profit, which included  sponsored news stories for online publications and newspapers. She also created a successful marketing campaign for the relaunch of one of West Virginia's premium spas located  in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Marketing Shelly created a compelling video with Video Shelly to help tell the owner's personal story and his deep connection with his clients.  She also created an email marketing and social media distribution campaign to get a solid turn out to his grand reopening. More than 400 people turned out to the event and it was a huge success.  Marketing Shelly and Photographer Shelly also played a vital role in this campaign, and it was also fun taking a road trip to West Virginia where Shelly worked as a news anchor in the mid-1990s. Cue the John Denver song...

 Client Video: Lee's Story
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