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Public Relations Shelly

Public relations can mean a few things: It can mean that something has happened and you need to get out in front of the story and tell your side. Or, it can mean that you need help spreading awareness and engaging potential prospects or supporters about your company, passion project, proposal, pending legislation, or other issues that would impact people and the community you serve or represent.


Whatever you need, you can count on Public Relations Shelly and her team of experts to help you get your message out to the people, policy makers, and influencers. 

For many years, Shelly worked in front of the camera as a news reporter, and through her experience of interviewing thousands of people during her career, she knows what issues are important to people and how to connect with them.

Shelly has done work for political campaigns, non-profits, trade organizations, and healthcare provider.s  One of her own passion projects is helping those in need. Shelly started an online fundraising campaign and through social media  and traditional media coverage, she helped raise more than $40,000 to help a Connecticut woman brutally mauled by a chimpanzee. Charla Nash lost her face, sight, hands, and part of her arm in the tragedy. Through Shelly's efforts, Nash received two prosthetic hands and a robotic arm. 

Public Relations Shelly has a solid team at her hands to help create videos, photos, and other materials needed for a successful public relations and grassroots campaigns. She also has a vast knowledge of how the media works and can easily call on her counterparts for help with the press when needed.

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