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Creative Services

All The Shellys work  really hard but this Shelly really is the utility player.  Essentially, she does what the other Shellys do not do like: writing, producing, graphic design, website design, and speech writing just to name a few. This Shelly really is the Sixth Shelly doubled.  We realize that makes things really complicated, so we'll just leave it at this: Creative Services Shelly  is one of the most important Shellys out of the bunch because she makes sure all the final touches to any project get done.

You need a graphic created for a video? This Shelly does that. You need graphics created for social media or your website? No worries, this  Shelly is game. You need photos resized for a website? She's got that too. In fact, she can design an entire website for you, and manage and upload content including  blogs.

Sometimes the most important one is working behind the scenes, making sure you're showcasing the right people and telling their story in a way that will connect with viewers,  potential clients, and customers.


This Shelly also loves to write copy for various reasons including newsletters, email marketing, social media and public speaking engagements.

She is the more quiet Shelly out of the bunch but loves being behind-the-scenes.

If you would like a free consultation with just one of the Shellys, or all of them, contact us today.

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