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Media Relations Shelly

If you need help with the media, you're in good hands with Media Relations Shelly.

If you get a call from the media, call Shelly.

If you need to get your message out to the media, Shelly can help. If you need to reach potential customer, clients  or constituents through traditional media and social media, this Shelly has you covered. 

Media Relations Shelly has organized and executed many successful media campaigns for many clients. Some of those campaigns included:  raising more than $40,000 for a fundraising effort, successfully killing proposed legislation overnight; defeating efforts to raise taxes and fees, and bringing attention to several non-profits through coverage of news events pitched and promoted by Sindland Strategy.

Shelly understands the how the media works because she was a part of it for many years. She is an award-winning journalist who spent the first twenty years of her career working as a television news reporter in Hagerstown, Maryland; Parkersburg, West Virginia; and Hartford, Connecticut. Her reporting assignments in her home state of Connecticut took her to all169 town several times, covering general news, breaking news, human interest stories,and policy based issues.


In 2009, Shelly went to The White House to cover a bill signing ceremony with former U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, (D-Connecticut) and President Barack Obama. While that was a big assignment, one of Shelly's greatest accomplishments as a journalist  happened a decade prior. In 1997, Shelly followed a group of Connecticut residents on a humanitarian mission to Chornobyl, Ukraine. (Note: Ukrainians spell Chornobyl this way. It is the correct way to spell it. Russians spell it Chernobyl.) Shelly highlighted how children and families were still being impacted by the nuclear reactor meltdown in 1986. Cancer rates were extremely high, especially with children, and many were also being born with birth defects. Shelly reported a five part series from Ukraine highlighting the dangers of nuclear energy while showing the extremely personal and moving stories of the people impacted by the one worst nuclear accidents in the world's history.  She won multiple awards for her reporting including a first place prize from the the Society of Professional Journalists.

In 2010, Shelly left television news to start her own business in order to have the flexibility she needed to raise her daughter. Shelly loves being able to use her knowledge of the industry to help her clients get coverage today and help them navigate  through a sometimes difficult terrain.  Shelly enjoys still working with the media and helping to tell her own stories but in a different role.

Media Relations Shelly has a vast knowledge of  the industry because she's been there, and knows how things get done.

One of her clients said this about her work: "Shelly's unique skill set, and contacts, helped us navigate a very difficult media environment where we were  successfully able to get our story out to the public through print, radio, television, and social media."

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